• Compilation labors
  • Audit for fiscal effects (SIPRED)
  • Audit for IMSS purposes
  • Audit for INFONAVIT purposes
  • Audit for financial purposes
  • Risk audit and internal control
  • Audit for the local contribution of CDMX and Estado de México
  • Financial audit based on international auditing standards
  • Application of procedures previously agreed
  • Review of intermediate financial information
  • Projected financial information tests
  • Reports on test and reviews of proform financial information
  • Report on internal control test related to the preparation of financial information
  • Test on specific disposition compliance
  • Report on tests and reviews of witnessing
  • Report on the witnessing of organization’s service control


  • Account adjustments
  • Elaboration of financial statements based on financial information norms
  • Determination and presentation of periodic federal/local tax declarations
  • Handling of tax payers in the fiscal incorporation regime (RIF)
  • Handling of the special regime for moral person based on cash flows
  • Establishment of the accounting guide and accounting politics
  • Procedures for SAT (registration, address changed, key/code obtaining

advise – consultancy

  • Advisory services for the determination and payment of federal and anual taxes
  • Advisory services for the determination and payment of local monthly taxes
  • Periodic following of fiscal and financial results
  • Fiscal result determination
  • Advisory services to benefit on fiscal incentives
  • Consulting, elaboration and presentation on IVA devolution request
  • Consulting on dividend distribution and shareholders withdrawals
  • Corporate restructuring
  • Report on shares alienation
  • Report for the determination of the fiscal cost of the shares * NO VIENE
  • Financial statement application of NIF´s (B10, D3, D4 ,C8 y C15)
  • Specific normativity enforcement
  • Conversión of financial statements to foreign currency


Our approach is to look beyond mere compliance with tax obligations. We seek to provide benefit and solutions for the business structure and for the national or international group to which it belongs.

Our services include:

  • Intercompany transactions transfer pricing preliminary analyses.
  • Preparation and review of transfer pricing studies and supporting documentation.
  • Assistance to identify and evaluate the intercompany transactions carried out with its domestic and foreign related parties. As well as, the documentation of the functions performed, assets used and risks assume incompliance with the “Transfer Pricing Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises and Tax Administrations” approved by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (also known as the “OECD”) and to the extent applicable to the “Base Erosion and Profit Shifting” guidelines and proposals.
  • Prospective analyses for new transactions with domestic and/or foreign related parties
  • Review and analysis of transfer pricing intercompany policies for multinational enterprises.
  • Assistance in the filling and/or preparing the corresponding transfer pricing annexes of the Informative Tax Situation Return (ISSIF) or the Financial Statements for Tax purposes (Tax Opinion or SIPRED) emitted by a registered public accountant.
  • Assistance in the filling and/or presentation of Annex 9 – Informative Statement of transactions with related parties, of the Multiple Informative Return. (Annex 9 – DIM)
  • Assistance in the filling and presentation the annual related parties Informative Returns for local and foreign related parties:
    • Master File containing standardized information relevant for all multinational enterprises group members.
    • Local File referring specifically to material transactions of the local taxpayer; and,
    • Country by Country Report containing certain information relating to the global allocation of the multinational enterprises.
  • Advice and/or assistance in queries regarding the transfer pricing methodology applied for unilateral or bilateral Advance Pricing Agreement.
  • Assistance in transfer pricing audits and in the resolution of tax controversies (Conclusive Agreements) and Mutual Agreement Procedures (MAP).
  • Assistance to Maquiladoras in calculating the Safe Harbor estimate.
  • Improvement to functions and risks structures through the application of economic models, transfer pricing risk assessment, supply chain analysis and an intangibles assessment.


  • Payroll elaboration
  • Stamped payroll
  • Consulting services  on IMSS, INFONAVIT, and payroll tax
  • Optimization of personnel benefits
  • Recruitment and staff selection
  • Application of psychometric tests, profiles and competence evaluation.


  • Business Insurance
  • Damage Insurance
  • Life Insurance / Savings
  • Design of labor benefits
  • Payroll discount for employees


  • Educational trusts
  • Tax Deductible Insurance
  • Estate Planning
  • Retirement Planning
  • Business transition
  • Trusts for people with special needs