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Author: Kristina Koehler-Coluccia
Director at Koehler Group

Establishing a Legal Presence in China

a legal presence in China is not as straightforward as incorporating an
entity in the Western World. There are several aspects that require due
consideration, including:
– The general business scope and activity of the entity, which needs to be clearly defined from the start of the incorporation;
– The physical office requirement for the entity as its registered place of business;
– The structure and budget for the investment that need to be carefully thought through;
– The opening, operation and maintenance of three sets of bank accounts for continuous operation.
The objective of this article is to provide transparency and detail in regards to these various topics.

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The 4th protocol to the China-Hong Kong Double Taxation Agreement

April 2015, Mainland China and Hong Kong signed the 4th Protocol to the
China-Hong Kong Double Taxation Agreement (DTA).  In order to avoid
double taxation, the agreement ensures that the same income (direct or
indirect), will not be taxed twice.  As the protocol entered into force
on the 29th of December 2015,  changes became effective and applies to
Hong Kong residents and Hong Kong cooperate residents.           

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Free Consultation with Koehler Group’s Legal & Tax Advisors

legal and tax consultants of Koehler Group will be travelling
throughout 2016 to meet with partners and Clients and to participate in
trade and tax-related events. Should readers or clients of the firm wish
to meet our advisors face to face during these trips to discuss matters
concerning Hong Kong, Singapore and/or China business investments,
please contact us at

will be made on a first come, first serve basis. The visits of our
advisors provides an excellent opportunity to all our subscribers to
discuss first hand their own investment potential, opportunities and
legal/tax updates for  Hong Kong, Singapore and China in detail.

February 15-19th Koehler Group Representatives will be travelling to
the cities of London and Manchester in the United Kingdom to attend
various networking events and to speak/sponsor at the UKTI NorthWest
China Bites Seminar and Awards Dinner. For those interested in either
joining the events or meeting with our Representatives in a one-on-one
consultation, please let us know. We look forward to hear from you.

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